TMJ & ALF Treatment

Expert TMJ and ALF treatment for over 30 years


Some people dream of feeling and looking better; others prefer to achieve it.  Discover firsthand the benefits of optimal TMJ function, facial balance, and symmetry provided through the therapeutic techniques Dr. Rebecca Griffiths develops individually for each of her patients.  Dr. Griffiths offers non-surgical, non-invasive treatment tailored for your individual body’s needs.  Her treatment methods are derived from her decades of education and experiences with her own chronic head, neck, and jaw pain.  They are based upon logical, sound, and proven anatomical, neurological, physiological, and holistic biological principles.  Her expert, personalized one-on-one, individualized, patient-guided treatment continually yields tangible and stable long-term results.  Dr. Griffiths’ treatment is beyond comparison. Click here for testimonials.

ALF treatment is available for children and adults.

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