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I’ve been under Dr Griffith’s treatment for a few years to treat advanced TMJ issues. I had found relief almost immediately after a short time. I have been trying to remedy the pain and headaches that were debilitating and challenging for almost 20 years. I had seen dentists and tried alternative modalities prior to my functional orthodontic treatment, ranging from dental restorations, getting teeth pulled, and muscle relaxers to alleviate symptomatic pain. Her holistic approach and attention to detail was a breath of fresh air for me. She is very intuitive, empathetic and understands patients needs and concerns. Her office staff is equally accommodating and compassionate as well. Highly recommend!

Cheryl N.



DonnaFor several years my jaw used to dislocate or get stuck closed so that I couldn’t open my mouth and it was very painful. Sometimes I was able to get my jaw back in place, but once I had to go to an oral surgeon to have my jaw put back in place. My jaw would also snap and pop when I would eat without warning. My jaw would dislocate or get stuck by opening wide to take a bite, yawning, or even yelling.

After wearing the dental splint that Dr. Griffiths made for me for about nine months, my jaw began to relax and heal, and I didn’t have to wory about it popping out of place any more. My total treatment time was about two years, and I have had no further problems with my jaw locking.

Donna S.

LynnDr. Griffiths felt she could help me by realigning my lower jaw with a dental apparatus or a dental splint. 48 Hours after I started wearing the dental apparatus to realign my jaw the debilitating headaches, neck aches, pain across my shoulders and pain while eating were gone. I even could sleep better because I was no longer in pain. I didn’t know I had TMJ problems. I was amazed that the alignment of my jaw could cause all of these problems. Even prescription pain killers couldn’t relieve the headaches that I used to get before I started wearing the splint Dr. Griffiths gave me.

After wearing the splint for eight months 24 hours a day and being totally free of pain I was convinced that I needed to permanently change my bite with braces to the position established by the splint as a final phase of treatment. I wore braces for two years to move my teeth into the positions they needed to be to hold the proper bite relationship. I am really glad I didn’t have to go through surgery. This treatment proved to me that my pain could be eliminated just be repositioning my jaw. I have been free of pain for three and a half years and I thank Dr. Griffiths for giving me my life back.

Lynn K.

JeanThe first person I consulted with for my TMJ was an oral surgeon who wanted to do surgery on my jaw. I was getting headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and numbness in my fingers. The headaches would feel like an ice pick was stabbing me, and I would get ringing in my ears. I lived with this pain for nineteen years, but I was not convinced that surgery was going to correct these problems. The oral surgeon could not guarantee that surgery would give me relief. So I did not proceed with treatment. After Dr. Griffiths explained her treatment philosophies, I decided to try treatment with her since her techniques were non-invasive, non-surgical and were totally reversible.

After wearing the dental splint Dr. Griffiths gave me for two weeks twenty four hours a day, the pain I had been experiencing started to subside. Within three months 85% of my problems were gone. There were not as many headaches and the numbness in my fingers had completely disappeared.

After wearing my splint ten months, I was very comfortable and I wanted to wear the splint because I knew it made me feel better.

I was convinced that the position my teeth were biting with the splint in my mouth was where I needed to be to be free from pain. So I decided to proceed to the next phase of treatment. I went through orthodontic treatment with Dr. Griffiths to move my teeth permanently to this new bite established by the splint, so that I would no longer need to wear the splint.

I have been in orthodontic therapy now for a little over two years and I continue to be completely free of headaches and the other pain that I was experiencing. After nineteen years, it is wonderful to wake up in the morning without a headache and I am delighted that I did not have to go through surgery. I feel like I have a new life.

Jean H.

BethanyI suffered for about four years with severe headaches constantly, facial pain and clenching of my teeth. Pain relievers didn’t help very much, and when the pain got bad I wouldn’t feel like doing anything at all. After wearing the dental appliance (splint) for 24 hours a day that Dr. Griffiths made for me, I experienced complete relief of all my pain in less than two weeks. I wore my splint for four months and didn’t experience any pain at all during that time period. I was convinced that my new jaw position had solved my problem, so I then proceeded to have orthodontic treatment to permanently move my teeth to the new position.

My orthodontic treatment is nearing completion. I don’t have any more problems with headaches or clenching my teeth, and I am glad I was able to find relief from pain.

Bethany S.

LoisI suffered with ear pressure, fluid buildup in my ears and chronic sinus infections. My medical doctor gave me antibiotics repeatedly, but the never helped my problem. I went to the public library and studied chronic health problems. In my research I came across the subject of TMJ and as I read more about TMJ, I started to think that the TMJ symptoms sounded like the problems I had.

Dr. Griffiths thoroughly examined me and confirmed that I did have TMJ problems. Wearing the splint Dr. Griffiths made for me completely resolved my ear problems in a few weeks. My sinus problems also dramatically improved.

Lois S.

If you are looking for a Holistic approach to all your dental and orthodontic needs, Dr. Griffiths is the professional for you! She is currently treating myself and my three children (6,10 and 12) and she has been wonderful to work with at all our ages. Dr. Griffiths has a small office, is the only one who actually works on you and takes her time, but most importantly, she listens to her patients. This is not the dreaded ortho mill that every other child seems to go to. Her unique approach and ability to determine what you need will save you having to have unnecessary, painful and/or expensive procedures done elsewhere.

For Child Treatment, she is considerate of their ages, their fears, their specific age related growth considerations and talks to them about what she is doing and my children love her for it.

For Adult Treatment , she takes into account our past experiences and dental procedures, our hang-ups about how we deal with our mouths, our busy lifestyles, our time constraints and we love her for it.

As a woman in her forties, I never thought to find relief from constant upper back pain, but a year into treatment with Dr. Griffiths, I feel relief nearly all the time. I never realized how interconnected my whole upper body was, thank Goodness Dr. Griffiths did! I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Rachelle T.

Meeting Dr. Rebecca Griffiths has changed my life. I had previously received good dental care; however, my TMJ problems were taking over what had been relatively good teeth. My jaw was starting to lock whenever I ate something like a hamburger or sandwich, and I would have to massage my cheeks to get it to relax. My front teeth were crossing over, and I was grinding more and more. A suggestion from an oral surgeon was to cut my lower jaw and reset it. At this point, I made an appointment with Dr. Griffiths and through her knowledge, experience, and great patience, I am a new person. My mouth and teeth are perfectly aligned. I have been asked by several friends if I have had a face lift.

My greatest compliment to my dentist is that I hardly ever think about her (in a professional sense). Her great expertise has made my mouth and teeth carefree.

Dana G.